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Terms & Conditions


The reservation is only complete when the guest receive, in his email account, the reservation confirmation email from the Quinta dos Meireles.

Until you receive the confirmation email, you will not have to make any payment or to use your credit card. In the confirmation email you receive the information about the deposit to be made.


Quinta dos Meireles has the right to ask the guest a deposit to secure the reservation.

Extra bed

The double and twin room allow the installation of an extra bed or a cot.

The crib for children up to 2 years, does not entail costs to the reservation.

The extra bed has a cost of 20 EUR for children up to 12 years and 35EUR for children over 12 years.

The child in the extra bed acquires all the rights of a guest (access and breakfast)

Casa do Caseiro allows the installation of two extra beds or one extra bed and a cot.


Breakfast is usually served from 7:30 am to 10:00 am in the main house and the room is a fusion of American and Continental.


This space works on a opening hours and is open to all guests.

Quinta dos Meireles offers a workout towel per day per guest, for exclusive use in the gym.


Our enterprise has six bikes (four adults and two children) and a chair for baby.

The use of bicycles have no cost to guests but requires an availability check with the same receipt.

Quinta dos Meireles is not responsible for any eventuality during the use thereof. The guest is fully responsible for himself and for possible minors involved.

Pool / Espelho de Água

For warmer days we have requalified an old tank so that it has all the safety and hygiene conditions for swimming. It's our little pool, ideal for the younger ones.

Minors can only use the space under the supervision of an adult.

Quinta dos Meireles delivers one towel per day, per guest for the exclusive use the pool.

Check in

From 14.00 to 20.00.

Any check-in after 20:00 must be communicated.


Until 12h00.

If the guest did not make the check-out until this time the subsequent night will be charged.


Every room, even Casa do Caseiro have housekeeping and change of towels.

Housekeeping in Casa do Caserio does not include washing and cleaning dishes, kitchen tools or appliances.

Restrictions: dietary or physical

Quinta dos Meireles appreciates the reporting of any food or physical restriction of its guests. This notice allows us to adjust our offer to better serve.

Meal service / Events

The meal service has a minimum of 8 people to non-guests.

For guests there is no minimum number.

Quinta dos Meireles reserves the right to reject appointments. Either by timing issues, to preserve the quality of service to guests or absence of reservation with more than 48 hours.

Payment options

The options available are: cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, bank transfer and debit card.

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